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As of November 2010, Jason Gehlhausen will be volunteering with the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, providing pro bono legal services to low income residents of Indianapolis.  In his role as volunteer attorney, Jason will be assisting ex-offenders with felony reduction, pardons, expungements, and hardship licenses.  In addition to gaining valuable experience, Jason will be furthering the goals of his legal practice by assisting individuals in the Indianapolis community.

For more information on the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, please visit the NCLC’s website.

JPG Law is proud to announce the commencement of operations in Indiana with the licensing of attorney Jason Gehlhausen.  Jason is a 2008 graduate of Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis.  Over the past 4 years, Jason has clerked for local attorneys Eric Harvey, Peter Cleveland, and Gary Hanner.  Jason has also maintained his own entertainment company iQ Entertainment since 2000.  Jason earned as B.S. in Informatics from IU Bloomington in 2004 with minors political science, service learning, and telecommunications.

As a licensed attorney in Indiana, Jason Gehlhausen is prepared to meet the needs of local community.  While in law school, Jason earned nearly a third of all his credits in classes centered around the topic of intellectual property rights.  Jason also received an exceptional practical legal education by clerking for general practice firms E. A. Harvey and Associates, Peter Cleveland, and Hanner & Hanner where he developed a well rounded understanding of the practice of law.  Between his unique legal education and decade of experience working in the entertainment industry, Jason is capable of addressing a wide range of legal issues.